You don’t want no one to see your pain, 
but I know your never gonna make it alone. 
Everyone knows that you went too far, its o.k. 
Let your friend pick you up when you fall.

- Megan Burton - When You Fall

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So who remembers that kid I talked about way back when who raps like crazy? Yeah, his name was Clammer the Kid. And who remembers the girl who sang with him - the one that sounded like Adele - smooth and rich voice? Yup. Megan Burton. They’re the ones who sang FAR AWAY. And now they’ve be joined by an amazingly talented girl, Edrysse Sy, and together, they’ve just released their new single “Slip Away”. ITS AMAZING. TAKE A LISTEN. SHARE IT AROUND. SPREAD THE BEAUTY OF THIS MUSIC !!


Clammer the Kid - Far Away ft Megan Burton (Free DL and Lyrics in description) (by clammerland)

Congratz Caleb, your song has claimed the ‘first song in my lappy’ spot :P

Been listening to this on repeat since Saturday…

she stole my line from facebook ==